8A Masak Lemak Siput Sedut

This is the infamous Masak Lemak Siput Sedut. Doesn't look as appetizing as you thought it will be?

About Siput Sedut and its English name


Have you ever eaten siput sedut? I’m sure every Malaysian is familiar with the conical shell that one has to sedut (cause suck sounds obscene) the hell out of to get to the tasty flesh within.

Known to the scientific community as Cerithidea obtusa (Sientific names are always handy when you dont know what the bloody thing is called in English).

Cerithidea obtusa is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Potamididae.The Obtuse Horn Shell also known as "Mud Creeper" is a relatively common snail found in muddy coastal areas. It grows to around 5-6 cm. It is used as food in Southeast Asia where it is known by the name "Siput Sedut" or "Belitung".

1. Snail is not an insect
2. Snail's slime can cure stomach ulcer
3. Snail's slime is used in many cosmetic
4. Snails only live at where they are born

This sea snail is known to taste awesome in a masak lemak cili api, guaranteed to inflame your lips past Angelina Jolie-ness into just plain ridiculous (especially if you have an allergy towards seafood).
Looks so sexayy. right? Let's get our hands on Masak Lemak Siput Sedut now!

Let's learn how to make this sexayy Masak Lemak Siput Sedut andLET'S BE SEXAYYY, PEOPLE!

The Recipe of Siput Sedut Masak Lemak

Here it goes. The Recipe of Siput Sedut Masak Lemak

The Ingredients are :

1) The Snails, The back is cut almost a cm to make the sucking process becomes easier.
2) 2 cups thick coconut milk
3) 1 turmeric leaf
4) 1 tamarind pulp
5) 2 lemongrass
6) 1 cup of water
7 )5 cloves of Shallots - blended
8) 25 pcs of bird eyes chillies - blended
9) 2' of turmeric root-blended

1- First, join 5 cloves of Shallot, lemon grass, bird eyes, turmeric - blended together2..
2- pour the coconut milk into the pan and start the fire
3- add a little of water and wait until it boils
4- join in a kg of washed and trimmed nails
5- never leave the gravy unstirred
6- put the rest of the ingredients
7-after 5 minutes, it is ready to be served wit hot rice

Here is the link for the video: