The traditional kuih called Jala Mas is probably named after its colour which is gold and its texture that looks like a net. Traditionally, in Malay culture, the colour of gold is reserved and used by royalties.
Jala Mas is popular in the East Cost of Malaysia especially, in Kelantan and Terengganu as both . Many years back, this kuih was served to the royalties and nobles. This is because, the cost to make this kuih is very expensive and the process is complicated. Therefore, up until now Jala Mas is made by the commoners only for special events such as weddings and engagement as dowries as it is believed that the high sugar content in the kuih can give good energy for the consumers.
Jala Mas is not really well-know in other states in Malaysia because of its taste that is too sweet. Jala Mas is usually served without any gravy and decorated.

Jala mas is a traditional Malay sweet treat that is made using egg yolk being cooked in sugar syrup, similar to kuih mas sejemput, but with different way of preparation and look. It is prepared through the breaking down of the egg yolk in boiling sugar syrup. After some time being cooked, the mixture is lifted and then drizzled in small portion or it can just also be placed inside a container.
Jala mas has thread-like-shape like fine noodles. It is usually made for special occasions like engagement, marriage and etc. This is due to its fussy way of making and that it only use egg yolks resulting to high cost. Normally, duck egg is used because it has a larger yolk size. Besides that, it is usually made with kuih tahi itik as to not waste the remaining egg whites.


20 duck eggs yolk

1 kg of sugar

images (2).jpg
500ml of water

images (1).jpg
1 pandan leave

1. Beat the eggs until light and fluffy, then strained to keep it clean.
2. Boil the water and sugar together with pandan leaves, let it out for a while until small bubbles and concentrated sugar appear, ten throw away pandan leaves.
3. Put the egg yolks into roti jala mold or use a plastic cone which the nozzle was cut slightly into the concentrated sugar.
4. Leave to cook for a moment, then picked up it with wooden stick and folded lengthwise. Ready to serve.