Watch for some action on 1Malaysia...

What is 1Malaysia really about? It has been all over the places, media, showing off the word of 1Malaysia but then the true meaning of it doesn't really shown to the public. I really love the advertisement where aflin shauki acting in it along with the two other men whom i don't know their names but one of them is the Alleycats's member (p/s: another one had passed away rite?huh)..they talked about rojak and stuff.. really make people laugh but still, is it all about laughter? do anyone really think or reflect (skemayer) after watching the advertisement? huhu...another advertisement is about the ice kacang.. i remember some of the words said by the narrator 'sume org sukekan ais kacang'..tat's right but how about those with sensitive teeth? not me of course..just concern..huhu....reflecting about one month ago, 31st August 2009.. I remember when i was little, back in my hometown, people were so patriotic by hanging flags on their cars, houses...but last month, i noticed that people that showing off the msia flags could be counted and at some places, none of them showing off the msia flag..psst:is that including u?ish..ish...then only in the morning of 31st August, they have this perbarisan in parlimen..of course najib was there..huh..but i find it kinda hilarious when all the menteri's wives were asked to sing in a choir- like positions..all of them looked stiff and i could see in their faces that they were trying hard to remember the lyrics..duh..but still they can sing proudly..drama queens betul..huhu..neway..the new generations, i dunno what to say about them..reflecting of how my students have behaved when singing the national song..made me feel kinda disappointed..another thing, why do some companies even put up the rukun negara on the food packaging? hoping that some reading it when they were enjoying the food?huh..but could be seen that some people are really playing their role to make 1Malaysia a bout u? :)

Do you consider yourself as part one 1Malaysia when everytime you're angry, you still use racist words such as "keling", "cina jual kangkung"? The fact is that this vision is still far away ahead of us; in school, students still groups themselves into their own races, they sit next to their own races in class. Well, don't even think of making this a success if the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan are still of majority of it's own race. So how does this concept really works? The mentality of Malaysians are still shallow because of their own perception that that must stand up for their own race and it's importance.

Do think about it dear Malaysians...if you think you have what it takes to be one, stand up and voice it out